Verify and legalise your South-African academic qualifications for overseas use.

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Are you planning to move abroad for business or work-related purposes and need to verify your South African qualifications? Look no further than Louwrens Koen Attorneys, your trusted partner in the process of obtaining a SAQA Verifications Letter.

What is a SAQA Verifications Letter, you may ask?
It is an official letter issued by The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) that verifies your qualification(s) and confirms their status in South Africa's national education and training system. This letter is essential when it comes to proving the validity of your qualifications abroad.
It's important to note that SAQA only evaluates foreign qualifications that are issued by nationally recognised institutions and form part of the national education and training system of a country other than South Africa.

Professional memberships, designations, certificates based on short courses or workshops, and in-service training do not qualify for evaluation by SAQA.

At Louwrens Koen Attorneys, we are a registered SAQA agent and located near The South African Qualifications Authority, allowing us to access the processing status of your documents regularly and apply pressure to decrease waiting periods. Trust us to help you navigate the process with ease and efficiency.

To get started, Complete the SAQA Academic Credential Verification Service Form and click submit.  

Or download and submit the completed application form along with a copy of your ID and qualifications, to

The waiting period for a SAQA Verifications Letter in 2022 is currently 15-25 business days from receiving the SAQA quote.

Let us help you verify your South African academic credentials today.
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