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Embassy Attestation Service Pretoria
Getting documents legalised at various embassies in Pretoria is something we specialise in, this is why we start by ensuring that the documents you’ve submitted are in correct order before being presented to the relevant embassy or consulate. Once we have determined this we promise a quick turnaround because we have people visiting most embassies on a daily basis. This is also the reason why we have intimate knowledge of every embassy’s / consulate’s requirements. That said because every embassy / consulate has their own turnaround time, the time it takes for us to get the documents to you will vary. However, we guarantee that everything is processed on an urgent basis on our end without any delay.

 Excellent Expert Service    

Most people may not realise this but there is a lot more that goes into embassy legalisation that meets the eye. Every embassy has their own specific requirements which vary based on the document that needs to be legalised. However, as professionals in this industry we are well aware of how every embassy works and what is needed for each type of document. This is why we are able to pursue embassy legalisation with almost no back and forth. This results in a faster turnaround time, so your wait period is significantly reduced.

 Customer service    
We make it a point to keep our clients updated with the latest information regarding their legalisation process. At times, embassies may ask for additional supporting documents, in which case we get in touch right away. This is just so that our clients can send us the required supporting documents immediately. We are always available over the phone and through email so you can call to find out where your documents are in the process and how much longer it may take. Despite the fact that embassies may never justify a delay and there are delays pertaining to a number of factors like public holidays and availability of the legalisation staff.

 How do I Legalise an document through High Court Authentication?    
The document is signed, stamped, sealed and attested by our Notary Public. We then present the document and attestation to the High Court. The High Court will then attach an Authentication or Apostille Certificate (depending on the destination country), which serves to confirm the Notary Public’s signature.

Apart from authentication been done by the High Court, documents must be presented at DIRCO (Legalisation Section at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation). DIRCO will place a further authentication on the document attesting to the veracity of the signature of the High Court Official. Some countries require further legalisation by means of Embassy Attestation. Also see our Embassy Attestation Page.

Rather let us handle your document authentication.

Document Authentication especially for non member countries of the Hague Convention can be complicated. If you are not familiar with the process it's easy to get it wrong, which may end up costing you a lot of time, opportunity and money. We will gladly assist. Click the button to get a no obligation quotation with estimated time to complete the process.

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