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 The quick and easy legalisation process   
Embassy | Consular Legalisation. We specialise in getting legalised documents; this is why we start by ensuring that the documents you’ve submitted are correct before being presented to the relevant embassy or consulate. Once we have determined this, we promise a quick turnaround because we have people visiting most embassies daily. This is also why we have intimate knowledge of every embassy’s / consulate’s requirements. That said because every embassy / consulate has their own time, the time it takes for us to get the documents to you will vary. However, we guarantee that everything is processed on an urgent basis on our end without any delay.
 We take full responsibility for your documents.    
We handle hundreds of documents from around the world regularly, you can rest assured that your essential documents are treated with care. Our team of experts and couriers will log every document they take. In fact, over the years, we have never lost or damaged a single document. This is all the while ensuring that the embassy legalisation is done on time.

Excellent Expert Service    
Most people may not realise this, but there, but a lot more embassy legalisation than meets than eye. Every embassy has its own specific requirements on the document that needs to be legalised. However, as professionals in this industry, we are we know embassy works and what is needed for the required type of document. Therefore, we can legalise with almost no back and forth.

This results in a faster turnaround time, significantly reducing your waiting period.     
We make it a point to keep our clients updated with the latest information regarding their legalisation process.

We are always available over the phone and through email so you can, call to find out where your documents are in the process and how much longer it may take.

Embassies may however cause a delay, and there are delays about factors like public holidays and the availability of the legalisation staff.

Embassy | Consular Document Legalisation Pretoria     
From R850 per document. The above fee excludes embassy fees. Embassy fees will vary from each embassy and consulate.

Consulate | Embassy fees may also depend on the type of document.

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