Usufructs, habitatio and usus, Right of Way, Right of Access and encroachment servitudes

Registration of Personal Servitudes

These types of servitude registrations would occur where a property owner wishes to provide a non-owner with a real right to his property to occupy and use the property, which right is stronger than a lease. A typical example hereof would be the granting of a usufruct in favor of a parent, while the property is registered in the name of the child, or where a grandparent is living in a separate dwelling (“granny flat”) on the property and wishes to secure his/her rights to occupy and use the property.

Registration of Praedial Servitudes

These types of servitude registrations will affect the property itself, and is typically used to secure a right of way or right of access over the property in favor of another adjacent property, or to regulate the relationship between two neighboring property owners in cases where one building encroaches over the border into the adjacent property.

Cancellation of Servitudes

Cession of Exclusive Use Areas

Long-term Lease Agreements

Notarial Bonds

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