24 Aug


Before approving plans for the development of a property or for amendment of the use rights associated with a property, a municipality will call for a Conveyancer’s Certificate.

The Conveyancer’s Certificate is prepared by a conveyancer, being an admitted attorney who also passed the conveyancing admission examination. The certificate advises the property owner and the municipality on the existence of conditions relating to the property which may restrict or prohibit the envisaged development or use change. The municipality will in turn confirm whether the application submitted contravenes any title deed restrictions and if so, whether it is necessary for those title conditions to be removed or relaxed, if permitted. Inaccuracies in the Conveyancer’s Certificate can lead to extensive delays in the municipal approval process or to hefty fines for land use contraventions. STBB is your property specialist firm of attorneys and has dedicated teams who attend to the issuing of such certificates.

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