Calventus doesn't have any wipe mechanics

Calventus is the 3rd Guardian Raid Lost Ark Gold boss you'll encounter in the 3rd level. It requires an item level of 880 to gain access, as well as defeating all previous Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

Calventus isn't a difficult Guardian Raid mainly due to being that boss has no wipe mechanics. However, it is highly mobile and can stack multiple armor debuffs which could be challenging. This is a comprehensive guide to Calventus.

Calventus doesn't have any wipe mechanics. However, it is a very mobile boss, and can be difficult to land sustained damage on. This article will provide a breakdown of the techniques and attack patterns and the two distinct phases of the battle.

Cleanse the armor debuff after 3 stacks. Use the Panacea potion to purify it. Or, you can party with Paladins or other classes equipped with cleansing capabilities.

Similar to other Raids like ​Lost ark gold buy​​​ Calventus, it has the Charge move, which is counter-able - just wait for the boss to glow blue and time your counter skill.